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SteinVox Is A Blog

SteinVox is the professional Blog of Andrew Stein, a Chief Strategy, Marketing and Sales Executive who works globally, and lives in the greater Chicago area.

He leads the Pervasive Strategy Group, a strategic advisory service that helps early and late-stage start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and their supporting stakeholders to identify, develop and execute accelerated growth strategies.

My blog focuses on timely topics businesses can turn to their advantage.  Just as strategy and other aspects of successful business are not limited by scale, the topics in this blog will be equally applicable to business and enterprise of any size.

My posts reflect my own opinion and share the truth as I understand it as a snapshot at a specific point in time. I’m human, and my opinion changes based on learning and information sharing. If you want to discuss, share, or debate on a topic, please leave a comment.

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Rules Of Engagement

  1. Goal: Share value by providing a contribution to others based on my perspective, bits of history and words of experience.
  2. Timing: Delivering 2 to 3 posts a week is the capacity I believe I can manage – somewhere around 100 posts a year. Sometimes I will do more, often, when busy, I may do less.
  3. Content: Some people say I’m wordy or verbose. I prefer “prolific.” My mother was a college English teacher, and I naturally try to give some depth to my posts.
  4. Decorum: I will keep it professional. I’ll call some hard calls, and poke the bee’s nest, while also sparking controversy. In your comments, please keep it professional as well.
  5. Style – Point 1: Like a conversation, I try to write like we’re sitting down to have a coffee. It’s actually possible, if you leave comments. I will respond.
  6. Style – Point 2: I intend to keep it colloquial. And, I’ll do my best to meet Strunk and White’s rules. Please bear in mind that my objective is to share first, edit second.
  7. Style – Point 3: No spelling and grammar checker is perfect. Expect some errors. If you send the errors to me; I’ll correct them.
  8. Style – Point 4: The text in the blog will slip in and out of first person, second person and third person points of view. It’s a conversation and I use what’s best to make the point.
  9. Images: I do my best to give credit to providers of royalty-free images. I use graphics as metaphors to make the blog fun to read. Some figures I create myself. If I make a mistake, let me know, and I’ll remove the image.

Social Engagement

Blogs are for social engagement. What I do know is that sharing information increases its value, so that is my philosophy here with the blog, and my social media strategy. Here are some suggestions and guidelines I try to live by.

  1. I use Twitter and LinkedIn to share my posts the day I publish them, and often several times, in particular if they are related to a multi-part series. My goal is to reach the optimal number of recipients who can benefit..
  2. I use a plug-in that automatically, from time to time, re-shares my older posts, as they continue to have value well beyond the day I publsh them, and I regularly get new followers that I’d like to share those old posts with.
  3. Please do, share, retweet and like my posts as you see fit to your social community. Sharing and re-sharing increases the value of information.

Social media produces far more content than any one individual can absorb. From time to time I get feedback that I produce too much. This is rare, and most criticism is overwhelmingly positive indicating that what I share and produce is valuable to the recipient. There are many social media tools that can help you manage your social engagement, and the volumes of information available to you.

Legal Information

This Blog intends to maintain the highest ethical integrity.  It is our intent to follow acceptable protocol to give proper credit to originators of ideas. Unless otherwise noted, ideas are the author’s. Any similarity to others’ ideas is a coincidence or the natural development of concepts and thought inspired by experience, data and information. Please follow this link to Legal Notice page.

Privacy Information

SteinVox uses standard tools that have been vetted by the blogging community and intends only to provide value to its readers and subscribers. Please follow this link to my Privacy Statement page.